Scotland has a long tradition of processing top quality seafood. Whilst steeped in heritage, the industry has invested in modern equipment and training for its highly skilled, specialist staff. Through innovation and product development it adapts to changing market needs and ensures a fully traceable and safe product.

Renowned for its quality and diversity throughout the UK, Scottish whitefish, shellfish, pelagic fish and farmed seafood is also exported, reaching the four corners of the globe. Sold in restaurants, retail supply chains, fishmongers and local markets, our seafood is in great demand.

A guide to the abundance of Seafood available from Scottish waters.


seafoodScotlandLogo2Dealing with all seafood species, Seafood Scotland is a non-political organisation that works throughout the supplychain with fishermen, fish/shellfish farmers, processors, retailers, food service companies, caterers, NGOs and consumers. A small organisation, Seafood Scotland‘s strength lies in its “hands on” approach, level of expertise and high credibility within the seafood industry. Visit Seafood Scotland Website »